Chronic Bleeding Hemorrhoids cured by Chinese herbal medicine

Mr. Jia, male, 55 years old, lives near Fuchengmen, Beijing

1st visit: May 23, 2011

Pale grey-white tongue color. Sunken and weak pulses. Purple veins on the bottom of his tongue. He had had bleeding hemorrhoids for 5 years with blood in his stool all the time. He visited many hospitals in Beijing and used to take Chinese herbs for 300 days consecutively but the bleeding didn’t stop. He had lower back pain and leg pain all the time. Appetite and sleeping were normal. Blood pressure 130-140/80 in the morning and 150/80 at daytime. Bowel movement: once every day (mushy). 3 times of urinations every night.

Diagnosis: deficiency of kidney, stagnation of blood.

Prescription: 丹参 郁金 鸡血藤 地榆炭 全蝎 山萸肉 杜仲 木瓜 玄胡 茯苓 菟丝子 益智仁 五味 法夏 甘草 etc.

2nd visit: Jun. 8, 2011

He said that the bleeding hadn’t appeared for the past week ever since he took the medicine for the first day. But in his previous treatments, the bleeding never stopped but only a smaller amount.

3rd visit: Jun.14, 2011

He ate some hot food incautiously and a little bleeding came back but it was not as severe as before. Advice: continue the treatment to consolidate the effect.

4th visit: Jun. 22, 2011

The bleeding didn’t appear for the past week. Lower back and leg pains were alleviated.

Feed backs on Jul.20 and Jul.27: the bleeding hadn’t appeared any more.

Half a year later, his son came to visit me and told me that his father’s situation was very stable and the bleeding never happened ever since.

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